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Trippy Mushroom Tapestry - The Tapestry Store Company

"I wasn't so sure about how the quality was going to come out to, but wow they're more clear than my TV!"

Joe R.

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Walk through the giant mushroom field with beautiful colors but also an eerie feeling lingering around. This tapestry is almost dreamlike - as it is being engulfed by a wave of blue fog.

    Instantly boosts mood

    Perfect for the bedroom, dorm, or even the living room

    Wall illuminating colors

    Not too big, not too small

Includes Tapestry, wall spacers and thumbtacks. 100% machine washable.

Product details


- 100% Polyester

- LED Reactive

- Available in two different sizes (Medium & Large)

- Machine Washable

- Great for dorm decorations, home decor, bed spreads, table cloths & more...


Size Guide


150 x 130cm / 59 x 51 inches


200 x 150cm / 79 x 59 inches


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We offer free shipping on ALL standard shipping orders, and you will receive tracking numbers for your order via email after it has been processed.

We are currently backed up on orders from our closing sale so your patience means a lot to us! :)


If you have any questions about shipping you can go here or contact us at support@tapestrystoreco.com


You're 100% covered -- if it's not for you, send it back within 60 days for a quick, no hassle refund.

Starting $4.99, and may increase depending on the weight of your order. Delivery takes 7-30 business days once shipped.

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Clean, custom designs with over 7+ million colors illuminated!

Clean, custom designs with over 7+ million colors illuminated!


Always a vibe


Boring & Ugly


good vibes are too important to miss out on.

so don't.

Meet the tapestry that single-handedly blows all your friends away.

The only tapestry's hand-crafted and designed to have a great trip in life.

Because better trips mean better everything.



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customer testimonials

"I love how each tapestry gives my room a different feel. My room went from boring to the hangout spot!"

Cailey P.

"The unique and beautiful patterns are what sold me. I can't get enough of my new cozy zone..."

Brenna J.

"I got my son a couple of these and he loves them. His LED lights make certain parts glow and radiate. The large size covered the whole wall so watch out for that."

Chase B.